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Are you tired or stressed and looking for massage center in Islamabad? Sanios Spa is here to serve you with different types of body massage by our female staff.
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Stress, headache, anxiety, toxins, pain, migraine, depression, muscle aches, LET IT ALL GO! 

Massage Center In Islamabad – Best Massage Center

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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage aids in lymphatic circulations, elimination of toxins, reducing constipation and promoting muscle relaxation. It includes full body massage which is ideal for tension relief. Do not delay and get yourself relaxed with a Swedish massage at the best spa in Islamabad.

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Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy can relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, migraine, stress, anxiety and even depression. The suction and pressure provided by cupping encourages blood flow and is beneficial for controlling high blood pressure. This treatment is also available at Sanio’s, one of the top ten massage center in Islamabad.

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Physiotherapy helps you to restore and maintain the well-being. It is beneficial for health and fitness, rehabilitation and injury preventions. We offer the best day spa along with pain management center to our clients. So why rush? Visit the best massage center near you!

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Thai Massage

If you are a person who don’t like stretching, then head to the best massage center in Islamabad for Thai massage. Thai massage includes long stretches and relaxing yoga poses. This type of massage can reduce muscle and back pain and is very helpful in treating migraine and balance problems.

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Couple Massage

Experience pure bliss with couple massage at our luxury massage center. In our couple massage, two therapists will coordinate the treatment for the couple. Come with your loved one and enjoy the romantic and relaxing massage side by side, only at the best massage center in Islamabad.

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Heating Massage

Heating Massage is also available at our spa massage center, Islamabad. It includes the combination of heat and vibration. This treatment loosens the muscles of the lower back, increase circulation and blood flow, and helps to alleviate pain caused by tight, stiff muscles

Male and Female Staff

Massage in an ART with Two Hands a HEART

We have experienced and dedicated male and female therapists to perform full body massages and wellness therapies, depending on guests’ needs and preferences. A sense of pleasure and peace will sweep over your mind and soul when you visit our massage center in Islamabad. Each massage treatment is done with the finest quality signature products.

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