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Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Contact Info

First Floor, 153-O Civic Center Phase 4, Bahria Town.

11:00 AM -11:00 PM

03339890941 - 0515731258

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Swedish Massage

Over time, the body builds up unhealthy amounts of stress hormones in response to work deadlines, traffic jams, relationship problems and more. These hormones can cause physical problems, like digestive issues, headaches and sleeplessness. Relaxation massage decreases the amount of stress hormones in the body, leaving clients feeling completely relaxed and rested, even after the session is over. The techniques used during the massage trigger changes in the brain’s chemistry, resulting in reduced stress and an improved mood Swedish Massage.

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Aroma Massage

Aromatherapy accesses and cultivates the unique qualities of different essential oils in order to help relax the mind, body, and soul during a Massage Session. There is nothing contrived or artificial about aromatherapy; everything used in the process comes from a natural resource, and the rejuvenating effects of Aromatherapy cannot be dismissed. Smell correlates most strongly to the human sense of taste, can benefit those with asthma or breathing problems, and has been clinically proven to activate the most obscure human memories; the power of smell is mysterious and highly beneficial! Aroma Massage

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We have a team of well qualified doctors of physiotherapy in our pain management section who work with state of the art modalities our Experts know your problems and they treat you vary friendly listen you care of you and treat you with there best services for you.

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Female Pleasure Stress Relief Massage By Male

Female pleasure stress relief Massage perform by male therapist with Hot Oil and Cream and Hot stones with Light Relaxation Music and candle Lights and that’s what you need a relaxing zone where you enter and feel free from your mentally and physical stress the pressure points work with heating Massage give you Great pleasure with a touch of Light magical hands.Female Pleasure Stress Relief Massage

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Cupping Therapy /Acupuncture

Cupping therapy for pain management perform by senior therapists with state of the art modalities at Sanio’s by Dr Arif khan specialist Acupuncture and Cupping specialist From U.K. Cupping therapy by massage canter Islamabad, Sanio’s SPA is best cupping therapy around the globe.

Sanio’s Couple Massage bahria town rawalpindi Bahria Town Rawalpindi A couples massage is one of the best ways to make your vacation as relaxing as it can be  94 386807 0 14084613 500

Couple Massage

A couples massage is a wonderfully relaxing, personal experience.During the session, two people receive massages at the same time and in the same room from two different therapists. The therapy provides many of the same benefits as other types of massage but with some added bonuses.Couples massage is a special, shared experience that encourages two people to bond closer together. Clients may use the session to catch up, communicate and chat, or they may simply relax and enjoy their shared experience in comfortable silence. Even when words are not spoken, the experience brings couples closer together.

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Thai Massage

Thai massage typically works with compression — rhythmic pressing movements directed into muscle tissues by either the hand or fingers. Thai massage usually takes place on a futon mat on the floor, with the client wearing loose or stretchy clothing like yoga gear. The therapist is also on the mat and moves your body into various stretches and positions, without any work on your part. This is why it is sometimes called “lazy man’s yoga”. Thai massage can be both relaxing and energizing, so it is a good choice if you want to be active after your massage.

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Foot Massage

The practice of foot massage has been used in many cultures for centuries to improve health and relax the body. Most forms of foot massage borrow elements from a variety of practices, such as Shiatsu and Reflexology, which follow the belief that applying pressure to the more than 7,000 nerves in the foot can release energetic blockages in the rest of the body. Foot Massage and Reflexology can be used as pain relief, to help alleviate stress and even to speed up injury recovery.
Traditionally, foot massages are performed using the hands, although treatments may sometimes include the use of sticks or rollers to more effectively stimulate the reflex areas in the foot.
Whether you’re giving yourself a foot rub, or making a day of it at a spa with treatment from a reflexology practitioner, a foot massage can be a rewarding complimentary massage treatment that impacts positively on your entire body.

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Heating Massage

The company claims the combined force of heat and vibration loosens the muscles of the lower back, increasing circulation and blood flow, and helping to alleviate pain caused by tight, stiff muscles. Venom taps nanotechnology to generate heat pretty quickly — much like a heating pad on steroids. I find it extremely helpful after going running in the morning. I also plan on trying it prior to runs — to just loosen up. And We’ve found it to be very relaxing while both sitting at my desk during the day, and while watching TV at night on the couch. Heating Massage.

Amazing space

Indulge in an atmosphere of total luxury and relaxation in our beautiful spa center.

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